FREE Bike Share

Low on gas money?

Need some exercise?

Just looking for fun?

Come to the Wesley, and borrow a bike FOR FREE!

The people of the United Methodist Church are committed to caring for the environment and the people of the world. Out of our wealth, we are sharing bikes with NSU students to promote healthy choices, environmental awareness, and fellowship.

Come to the Wesley and check out our bikes! You can keep them for up to three days at a time, at absolutely no cost to you.

We’d love to hear about your adventures!

3 thoughts on “FREE Bike Share

  1. Lori LeBlanc says:

    This is too cool. Are y’all still doing this? Do you know someone I can pay to get my bike back in working order? I also may have a few bikes to donate.

    • nsulawesley says:

      Hey, Lori! We just started sharing bikes last week, and the international students are so happy we did! You can ask the folks at Natchitoches Bikes (on Facebook) about their favorite repair shops. Just email us at if you decide to donate bikes to us. Looking forward to seeing you on the road! You’re always welcome to stop by the Wesley for more information or just to chat.

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