Driving Demons

At the Wesley, we believe in God’s grace, and we try to live in that grace with those around us.

This fall, we are committed to sharing grace with students who need it in the form of FREE RIDES after every 2017 home football game. Students will volunteer to drive NSU students from parties, clubs, and bars back to their dorms and homes from 11PM to 2AM.

All you have to do to receive this grace is call 318-352-2888  or visit the Driving Demons Facebook page and ask for a ride. We’ll send two sober students to pick you up and return you home after you have shown your student ID.

All of our volunteers are 18 years old, have valid driver’s licenses, and will be sober during their volunteer hours. You can recognize our drivers by the purple and orang Wesley stickers they’ll be wearing. Driving Demons is a program that offers a way to arrive home alive, making light in the darkness for students who have had too much to drink, students who have lost their ride, and students who no longer feel safe in their social situation.

If you are interested in volunteering, come hang out at the Wesley from 11-2 for games, food, and new friends!